Monday, 4 June 2007

Your Mirror To Your Neon Self

Underage gigs are shit and are rotting the youth of today with neon propaganda.

Being young was about being bored, where you had the disassociation with your stars and idols, so much so that they were untouchable, rogue gods that made you want to be untouchable just like them. But now you can touch them at an early age. You can see the inevitable shit rise of a band and because adolescents get bored and aren't used to the statement, the idology of certain bands they haven't been exposed to, music becomes cheap, disinteresting and a place to dance championing saliva.

Underage gigs are good for bands to think they are actually a tiny bit important, because kids are so easily manipulated and haven't formed their opinions yet. How can you tell a good or shit band today? If they make you dance or not?

Playing guitar in front of a mirror was fun when I was a kid. Taking over that bands music, being that lead singer or guitarist is part of a ritual all future musicians should struggle through, without the tempting notion of seeing shit bands and realising, hey, music is fucking easy to play, I'll make people love us by writing shit lyrics to post-punk, danceable, electro music (We Smoke Fags etc etc).

It's become too easy.

The most fun I ever had was playing in front of the mirror.