Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Lost Penguin (The End)

I think it was fitting to end it in such a shambolic way. Tears weren't particulary shed, there was no massive protest, there was no tour to publicise one final push for some acual cash.... Exactely how every band should end. Just stop. Bang. Finish.

I just hope people who saw the three of us perform realise how boring and formulaic most bands are live these days, how easy it is to make music you like and that being involved with people you love is far more important than working with/for musicians (maybe we can make you a hit single!). We rarely played with a band we actually liked or even respected for that matter and I hope they felt the same way about us. But what hurt me more than anything was to be initially bracketed with a handful of bands that had/still have the need in life to be IMPORTANT. That meeting with some dude at Universal I'm sure was nice, but seriously.... he's called the new intern.

This fast food music world is a world we didn't want to be part of anymore. We didn't care about selling out gigs, selling records or getting signed. It's a fact nobody really wanted to release us because we were pretty unreliable and didn't care, but we turned down management because we wanted to be able to do anything we wanted at anytime.

That is why we played art shows off the cuff. Played gigs for no money. Toured up North on a fucking Megabus, throwing up on it for 8 hours all the way back home. None of us can drive. It is why we are releasing our EP ourselves, making no profit.

Radiohead copied us.

We know we were maybe important to about a handful of people, but I hope people listen to us in the future and go, 'actually they weren't that bad,' and maybe they could start a band that is as loud and chaotic. Not a stupid electro/dance band in the name of 'punk.' You know who you are!

It was a blast.