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I get hit by a bus and I get left for 10 minutes, the letter....

To Whom it May Concern,

On Sunday the 28th of October around 17:35pm I was struck down by a bus turning into what I believe was Gate C at Catford Bus Garage. I am writing this letter to confirm the details of what happened in hope to receive some answers and information regarding the aftermath of the incident.

As I was walking past the entrance on my way towards the bus stop next to the retail park where I would have got a 171 into Central London, a bus coming from the direction of Lewisham indicated to turn right into the entrance. As it stayed still and had no intention of moving I began to cross past the entrance and was struck on my right side by a single decked bus coming from the Downham direction as it swung speedily turning left into the entrance. I was knocked to the ground where I received injuries to my hand, arm and leg. This incident was witnessed obviously by the driver of the single decked bus that stuck me and should have most definitely been witnessed by the driver of the other bus I thought initially would be turning into the bus garage.

On being hit the driver parked his bus and came to inquire about my injuries. He then called the emergency services and disappeared for between 5-10 minutes while I lay stricken, now inside the bus garage entrance, with possible serious injuries. The other bus driver who initially indicated drove straight past me and into the bus garage.

On returning the bus driver began to berate me for ‘jumping in front of his bus.’ I have no death wish and considering I may have had broken limbs and I was still on the floor I find this completely unacceptable. He was accompanied by another driver, possibly the driver of the initial bus, who began smirking while I tried to pull myself onto my feet and gain some composure until I became verbally angry at them for the situation.

A more senior worker then took me onto a bus to keep me out of the rain until an ambulance arrived, for which I was thankful for, and was moved into the ambulance where I made a police statement and refused hospital treatment.

Although the driver had plenty of time to look and brake (I was nearly across the entrance and struck by the front-right side of the bus), I understand that it may have been an accident and initially felt like I didn’t want to take further action. But what I demand to know is why I was left by myself for a critical period regarding a possible head injury, where I could have been seriously injured again if another bus driver used that entrance without looking? Why I was left pretty embarrassed in full visible view of the street as I lay on the floor, while another driver drives straight past me and another smirks at the fact I’ve been hit by a bus? I think this is completely ridiculous and disgusting and although I was told by the police there is no law regarding leaving someone helpless on private property, I am taking advice as to whether I can claim against some kind of negligence on the behalf of the responsible and the bus company.

I am on a temporary contract where I work at W*********’s and I have lost pay, which will now effect my rent payment. I also missed a gig I was playing in New Cross on the 29th also losing earnings due to the pain in my right arm. I haven’t been contacted by anyone at the bus garage regarding my health. I’m pretty sure nobody would like to be treated like I was after an incident that resulted in injury, shock and embarrassment.

I look forward to your response.

Matt Gilbert

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