Thursday, 24 April 2008


What are the rules for writing a funeral speech? How many cliches like 'He was a good person....' or 'He was loved by many people...' do you need to add to make it viable?

I've never been to a funeral before and certainly haven't read a eulogy in front of the people who miss him immeasurably.I sort of feel a little guilty for volunteering because I almost feel vulnerable to accusations of 'being shit' at it and taking over the whole proceeding as a personal triumph of confidence....

I'm doing it as no-one else would and I can't have him going to some Vicar's hollow template.

It's going to be very hard. But I'm not worried about breaking down, I'm more worried about fucking it up, shakeing uncontrollably at the altar or losing speech. I sometimes feel like a monotone. This isn't the time for nerves.



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