Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Boris, Boris, Boris....

I'm sure there are many, many bloggers in london who have whinged at the prominent notice that Boris Kerfaffle (?) Johnson will be running London for the next 3 years or so. I'm sure people who harboured a faint wet dream, that some lefty with communist ideas might get in in the form of some weak Independant/ Green type Party, ripped their genitalia off as the massive margin of error was announced. I shook my head. Then went to Italy.

Coming back from a country that is run by a 'dictator' in the shape of Silvio Berlusconi really does throw it all into perspective. The young I met in the suburbs, the cities and cow laden narrow streets of South Eastern Italy all agreed it was pretty damn shit. Whinging about mayor who has about as much power to decide how much I pay for the bus doesn't quite seem to cut it. Not when there's an actual rich 'corrupt facist' running a large economy in Europe.

But on my arrival back I did expect a little change. Like free umbrellas or the end of the bendy buses. Maybe a policeman on every street corner or horses instead of cars. But I'm still occaisionally paying 90p to travel on the bendy bus to NX.

HINT: Make sure you have at least 90p on your Oyster. Stand/sit near the scanner thing. Then only when you see the transport gestapo do you scan it. It'll save all the worrying and save you a few bob.

Sadly sometimes change is needed to spark something spectaular. The Conservatives will win the next general election hands down. This is sad, but maybe after a few years of few discernable policies and the drafts reinstatement, middle class suburbia and the tennants of Tennants will forge an unlikely revolution.

I doubt it.

If the general British public was in charge it would still be a tuppence to get on the bus and the routemasters would be taking you to work. Long live capitalism, I'm too content for a revolution.