Sunday, 8 March 2009



Stuff I've been thinking about lately >

> How Jade Goody's rehab in the public forum from racist chav to valiant mother has only come about in her death. The most extreme case of celebrity martydom? The only possible conclusion?

> How the above photo reminds me of Rivington and Orchard.

> How I find real short crop hair on girls too attractive.

> How I'm going to cope when I'm made unemployed on the 17th of April.

> How I'm finding music more boring every time I use my Ipod.

> How I play music live quite a lot, but actually hate going to gigs.

> How I feel slightly agrophobic everywhere when I'm not with someone I find interesting.

> How people are putting S's at the end of normal words to induce some humour(s).

> How, in general, it is difficult to start again.

> How my hangovers haven't been so bad lately.

> How expensive nice food is.

> How much I hate my flat.

> How much a haircut helps.

> How being 25 has made me feel tired.

> How much I like getting up early.

> How much I like girls deoderant to mens. It's just too sport.

> How much I like the 172 bus route.

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