Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My Own Salad Garden

There comes a period in everyones life when it's time to kick back and care for things other than yourself. Cats, dogs, snakes, children; these varying species offer differing periods of struggle and fullfillment by developing their lifeforms into obedient, social acceptable creatures.

Recently I've decided to venture into this niche world of dulaity and give a tiny 16th of my time to a living thing other than my own being. So this Saturday I'm going to a shop to pick up some little caged dudes I ordered off the net a few weeks back. I've psyched myself up, I've read books and articles about their behaviour, researched their moods and desired food intake. Finally, I'm ready to give up about an hour of my day to a living being other than myself....


Well not just cucumbers. I've got three medium sized pots so I decided to go fucking batshit and render some spring onions and radishs too. These seeds all for the price of one whole cucumber. Who's laughing now Tesco? Me that's who.

I will raise them like my own offspring but if they die prematurely does that mean I can't have children? Are you allowed to keep children on your windowledge?