Thursday, 24 October 2013

There Will Be No Revolution....

I quite like Russell Brand, he’s alright. Quite funny. Waking up in America and seeing him on Paxman via the countless Facebook posts and retweets from the English of our new moral Guy Fawkes circa Camden 2005 doesn’t really give me a lot of faith in this apparent ‘revolution’ (although a term initiated by Paxman in the interview). Yeah what he says is right. Yeah it’s hard to come up with a ‘utopia’ in a hotel room, but if you’re trying to devise a new way of voting and moving away from the rigid boundaries of the political party politics you better find a new way of sparking dissent too. There will not be revolution again in my lifetime in the UK. That term and its connotations is (in the UK at least) redundant. A revolution is constitutional change in a short period of time for a seemingly common goal and people retweeting and or sticking it up on their Facebook pages is exactly the problem; they already have their voice. Common revolution starts with a common goal and breeds over time because you have no, or at least a suppressed, voice and you have to stoke flames with people of common values and ideals – I’m not sure retweeting/sharing a post a few times creates those sparks when you’re on your phone during your fag break nodding and eating some couscous. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong though.

Anyway, I’m going to post this on Facebook.